Dubai Trip (Plan your Adventure) - 5 Days

Grab this Dubai holiday package and get an opportunity to enjoy the city’s glamour, lifestyle, and culture. Witness the historic structures amidst modern skyscrapers during the city tour of Dubai. Marvel at the city’s glittering skylines on a Dhow Cruise and enjoy Arab culture at a lavish desert campsite. For your fill of adventures, visit Ferrari World, and test your driving skills. Spend a holiday with extravagant experiences in Dubai and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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Day 1

Dubai might be known as the glitzy-glamorous Rich-Boy-and-Rich-Girl’s shopping capital, but there’s so much more to this character-filled city.

From hidden alleys to traditional souks, the magnificent desert and plenty of activities that involve experiencing the traditional Emirati culture, you will see that even 5 days in Dubai might not be enough to explore this unique Middle Eastern destination.

The following comprehensive guide gives you plenty of tips for traveling to Dubai, as well as a complete 5-day Dubai itinerary, including 2-day trips to Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

Please note that this guide not only tells you the touristic places but it also shows you how to explore Dubai off the beaten track.

Travel Guide

What to Pack

For the most part, you will see people dressed in Western/American style clothing, as there are a lot of foreign residents. You will not be expected to follow any cultural customs for dress, but the following is recommended to be respectful.
Long pants and business casual attire (Kakis and light weight shirts) are preferred for day to day
Shoes: Anything goes; Shoes, Sneakers, and Sandals are fine
Sport Jackets are recommended but not required for dinners and meetings
At the Mosque: Where light weight shirt with sleeves
Do not show bottom of your shoe when crossing legs – it is considered rude.

Somewhat conservative (nothing that will attract too much attention)
Tank tops are OK
At the Mosque: Where light weight shirt with sleeves
Do not need to cover hair except Mosque
Capris are OK
Do not uncover to the point of attention Dresses and skirts acceptable
Hair: Up or down
Shoes: all OK
Pashminas when cool (on the water, in AC)
Do not show bottom of your shoe when crossing legs – it is considered rude
Women do not extend hand to shake that of an Emirate man, it is against customs

What to Expect While Traveling How do you reference the locals?

Outside of the many European, Russian and German residents in Dubai, the local people are referred to as Emirati or Dubaians, not “natives”
Where can I get a beer?
Hotel restaurants are licensed to serve alcohol; local restaurants are not.
Guests are responsible for the expense of alcohol ordered during their visit with the exception
of when they attend a hosted event.

What is the currency?

What is the currency?
AED or Dirham
3.65 / rate of exchange (extremely stable)
1 USD = 4 Dirham

You can exchange money at hotel, ATM, airport, etc. and it will not be more expensive than a

Money and Tipping?

All major credit cards are accepted
It is recommended to tip in local currency
            o Restaurant = 10%
           o Bus boys: 2 Bags = 5 Dirham
           o Taxi: 10%

What should I expect in town?

No strong/uncomfortable police presence
You can hail or call a taxi through the concierge (we will have a driver for all group activities)
Extremely low crime rate
What can I do after-hours?
Bars, Cafes and Nightclubs:
o Vibrant and lively
o Many have live bands and world-renowned DJs

How do I call home?

Using email or Skype from an internet cafe or Wi-Fi hotspot works best
Your hotel will also have wireless internet and you can make international calls from your room
(phone charges and incidentals are the responsibility of each guest and can be quite expensive)
Consider buying a prepaid phone overseas. If you take a cell phone, be sure to sign up for a
temporary international plan and insurance for your device

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